Accelerated Tech helps you solve your low-level systems engineering challenges.

Accelerated Tech has a wide range of engineering experience ready to apply to your challenge. Our expertise in FPGA design and implementation is available to assist you with building custom accelerators and peripherals, and our command of Bluespec SystemVerilog allows us to efficiently build parameterized designs that integrate our PCIe or NVMe cores directly into your application. We also have extensive knowledge of the internals of the Linux kernel, and have a proven track record of building engaged communities surrounding open source projects. All of this powers our ability to build complete integrated solutions to meet your needs — if you have a project that requires both hardware and software development, Accelerated Tech is ready to work with you!

How can Accelerated Tech help you?

Connecting hardware to software

Accelerated Tech's Connectal platform makes it easy to connect software to hardware at all stages of development. Connectal applications declare hardware-software interfaces using an IDL to make wiring up your design quick and easy. Connectal supports Xilinx and Altera FPGAs; Intel, ARM, and RISC-V processors; and C, C++, and Python applications, running on Ubuntu, Android, and Yocto.

RISC-V virtual prototyping

If you are developing peripherals or accelerators for a SoC, you as early of a start on software development as you can. We can connect software running in QEMU to your application logic running on a simulator, or on an FPGA.

Design and implementation

We use Connectal and Bluespec SystemVerilog to develop hardware/software solutions to fit your needs, delivering BSV, Verilog, bitstreams, and user-mode libraries in source or executable form.

NVMe storage and PCIe DMA

Accelerated Tech has high-bandwidth NVMe accelerator and PCI Express DMA controller cores available to enable fast data transfer between your logic and your application — and to provide extremely fast access to large amounts of external data attached directly to your FPGA design.

Who is Accelerated Tech?

Accelerated Tech is Jamey Hicks and Joshua Wise, applying their hardware and software skills to build accelerated solutions to your problems. With their combined track record of success building systems at organizations including NVIDIA, HP Labs, and Quanta Research, Accelerated Tech is prepared to work with you on your challenges of any scale.

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